KL Kitchen Wall Cabinet 1512-3621" GS

SKU: KL-KC-W-W1512-3621-GS


  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Our design allows for easy assembly. You’ll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time!
  • VERSATILE STYLE – The shaker cabinets are designed to fit into any kitchen, no matter the size or layout.
  • SOFT-CLOSE – Our cabinet doors and drawers close slowly and quietly. This feature helps protect your cabinets from damage.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVING – All cabinets include adjustable shelving for maximum storage and flexibility.
  • LARGE STORAGE DRAWER – Each cabinet with drawers includes a large storage drawer for utensils, cookbooks, or anything else you need to store.
  • DURABLE AND MODERN – Our cabinets are made of solid wood with a durable finish that will last through years of use.


Brand Kraft Nation
Item model Number KL-KC-W-W1512-3621-GS
Color Grey
Style Shaker
Category Wall
Cabinet Dimension (Wide x Tall x Depth) Inches (15″x12″x12″) , (15″x15″x12″) , (18″x12″x12″) , (18″x15″x12″) , ( 21″x12″x12″) , (21″x15″x12″) , (24″x12″x12″) , (24″x15″x12″) , (27″x12″x12″) , (27″x15″x12″) , (30″x12″x12″) ,  (30″x15″x12″) , (30″x18″x12″) , (30″x21″x12″) , (30″x24″x12″) ,  (33″x12″x12″) , ( 33″x15″x12″)  , (33″x18″x12″) , (33″x21″x12″) , (33″x24″x12″) , (36″x12″x12″) , (36″x15″x12″) ,  (36″x18″x12″) , (36″x21″x12″) , (36″x24″x12″)

Cabinet Box Material 1/2″ A-Grade Plywood
Shelves Material 3/4″ A-Grade Plywood
Drawer Box Material 5/8″ Wood
Door and Drawer Front Panel Material Wood
Door Hinge 6-way Adjustable soft-close
Finish type Painted
Mounting type Surface Mount
Assembly Material Metal L-Brackets

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