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5STAR - The BEST Renovation Company W/ UNBEATABLE Cost & High Quality! I am feeling blessed to find this “hidden” renovation (Home Reno”N”ation) Co. thru FB Marketplace. The owner is humble, honest, and being upfront about his price quote and willing to negotiate with me (a “picky” customer). The most important he always keeps his words and follows through each step, especially when there is any issues; He always answers my questions and calls right away, even at a very late night several times. I fully remodeled my kitchen, replaced all cabinets and countertops, and added a center island and two-bathroom vanities. Their price is UNBEATABLE and with standard HIGH-QUALITY materials! I spent days doing my homework and research when I first started my project, looked at many companies’ samples online and in-person, compared many products and prices; thankfully, I found the perfect one, HOME RENONATION. The owner drove a long way, came to my house, did a detailed measurement, and made some very helpful and wise suggestions as I was clueless at that time; then, we started to discuss about selecting materials, colors and determining cabinets/countertop’s locations and sizes… Without his guideline and expertise, I won’t be able to succeed with this project. Also, their installation works have been done quickly and professionally; though, there is a minor unresolved issue still pending that I’m sure the owner will resolve it as he promised. I am grateful and thankful for the overall outcome!!

Shin Shin August 7, 2021

Good service and did a great job!

hui mai August 1, 2021

I stopped by Home Renonation when I was looking to remodel my kitchen and I'm so glad I took the time to check them out. Jackson was an all-star and took the time to sit with us to go through our design (on multiple occasions), made adjustments where needed, and recommended different options/configurations that made our space more functional. He was also incredibly patient and responsive throughout the entire process. The cabinet and countertop installers were meticulous and took the time to make sure everything looked perfect. Jackson also came out when install was complete to ensure I was happy with the work and to check the quality of the install. Take a look, the before/after photos speak for themselves! Our new kitchen is amazing and Home Renonation was worth every penny.

Fredy Salazar September 13, 2021

Good service and efficiency!!

Kay August 1, 2021

The owner is very kind and very helpful! Their cabinets and countertops are very high quality!

Shengxi Chen May 27, 2020

They have a large selection of cabinets, countertops, and building materials. They did a nice job at remodeling my kitchen to my desire.

Dang chen August 6, 2021